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Helsinki Crows

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Few weeks ago, on my way to work, I noticed a group of Crows arguing over a McDonald bag.

A ketchup and mustard canisters were all that was left. One of the birds gripping the mustard with its claws and trying to open the lid with its beak caught my attention.

I stopped, took out my mobile phone, taking pictures and waiting to see what happens. After a few nervous seconds of failed attempts, the bird started to spear the top of the canister. This didn’t work either. The Crow now did what I was hoping for… it took the canister on the road and placed it between the pedestrian crossing and the cars waiting for the green light.

The light turned green, the cars started to move, and after a few moments a bus crashed the canister. The red light turned on, the birds flew-in eating the mustard off the snow…

Reminded me of this video from Japan.


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Toolness II

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Today I’ll participate in MoA talks Emeror’s New Clothes moderated by John Thackara and MoA09 curator Juha Huuskonen.

“Emeror’s New Clothes reflects on designer’s role: People no longer want to be passive consumers, instead they want to have an active role in searching for better solutions. How can designers open up their work process and allow access for others to participate? How can they be more active in carrying social responsibility? Rather than offering simple solutions,  this days talks will offer some tools for understanding these challenges.”

Toolness I

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Toolness will to be displayed on MOA (Masters of Arts Festival) which starts on 12th of May.


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